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The Midas Touch: We Love Glitzy Gold Details

Metallic elements are a guaranteed way to upgrade your affair from stylishly chic to downright elegant. Don't get carried away, there's a moral to the King Midas fairytale after all: Keep it simple — think rimmed champagne glasses and gilded vases for details that feel tasteful, not overly lavish.Goldy...read more

Posted Thursday 9/17/2009

by Luxury Weddings 

The Write Stuff: Calligraphy for your Wedding Invitations

Don't get me wrong, I adore the look of a modern, printed invite, but there's something so romantic about calligraphed invitations. Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks so— some of the most elite couture designers enlist the help of famed calligrapher Nicolas Ouchiner to make their runway show...read more

Posted Wednesday 9/2/2009

by Luxury Weddings 

Let It Glow: New Ways to Brighten Up Your Wedding Day

Starry NightsA little mood lighting can really set the tone for your affair. Candles add an air of romance, while luminescent globes will surely feel more modern. No matter what style of wedding you choose, let your lighting help make the statement.What kind of lighting are you considering for your...read more

Posted Wednesday 9/2/2009

by Luxury Weddings 

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